Introducing Eat The Kiwi – Farm Fresh From New Zealand To You

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Bringing all the freshness New Zealand has to offer directly to your doorstep, Eat The Kiwi is your answer to top quality produce and meat delivery in Hong Kong. Choose from free-range meats, organic eggs, fresh vegetables and fruits, sustainable seafood and a whole host of plant based foods and pantry staples. Deliveries from New Zealand come twice week, ensuring the freshness of all products – from the farms to your table. Eat The Kiwi works with some of New Zealand’s best and most passionate farmers, growers, and producers to find the freshest and tastiest food available.

Eat the Kiwi Hong Kong

Order everything from fruit, vegetables, dairy, pies and pastries, fresh or frozen meats and seafood plus vegan dumplings, plant based mince and much more to be delivered in recyclable boxes and with minimal packaging.  Win, win.

Eat The Kiwi has also launched Hong Kong’s First grocery subscription service! It doesn’t get much easier than this.

When you subscribe to an ingredient, it gets saved in your account, and you can choose to have it sent to you weekly or fortnightly. The items you choose to add will automatically be reordered according to your choice of time frame, the charge automatically applied to your card, and the delivery will turn up on your doorstep—all without you having to do a single thing.

If this sounds more appealing than wandering the aisles at the grocery store, give Eat The Kiwi a try. New subscribers get 10% the first order.

*New subscribers get 10% off the first order…use code PLAY10.

*Every month ETK offers a free gift for all orders over $500.

 This month it’s a 12 pack of Woodland Free-Range eggs!

*Delivery to all of Hong Kong Island & all outlying Islands

Hours: Mon to Sun 6:00am to 12:00am (midnight)

Tel: +852 6390 3823

Business enquiries:

Business orders:

Home delivery enquiries:

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