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Breastfeeding Tips, Advice & Resources

All your breastfeeding questions answered by lactation consultant Yvonne Heavyside. Read on to learn more and find helpful resources too. You got this, mama!

How To Survive Summer With A Newborn

Summer has arrived and so has your new baby. But how are you planning on spending those long days and sultry nights? Sofie Jacobs...

Double Trouble or Twice as Nice

The baby days can be hard enough when there is just one little bubba to look after, so what is life like for the...

Pelvic Floor Preservation – There’s Far More to it than Kegels

Envision a layer of muscles and supporting fascia, stretching from the tailbone to the pubic bone and from one sitting bone to the other,...

Our Top Picks For Backpack-Style Nappy Bags

Whilst a newborn baby's needs might be very simple; milk, a nappy change and sleep, the list of baby essentials a new parent needs...

New Mothers in Hong Kong

Hulda Thorey, registered nurse, midwife and mother, shares how different it was giving birth in her native Iceland. Some days I am grateful that I...

Best Breast Pumps 2019

Medela Swing Maxi Double Electric Breast Pump This portable double pump is simple, small and comfortable. It features a pump interface with four easy-to-use buttons...

Giving Birth at Matilda International Hospital

From the moment you walk through the doors at the Matilda Hospital it doesn’t feel like a hospital. It has a relaxing vibe and...

Mother’s Choice

Mother's Choice cares for children without families and girls facing crisis pregnancies. Gillian Johnston finds out more. Whilst motherhood is usually an occasion to treasure,...

Post Pregnancy Weight Management

It is not uncommon for a new mum to find her weight has increased during pregnancy and after the birth of her first child....

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