Must Have Hong Kong Treats

    If you’re looking for classic Hong Kong treats, whether you’re a nostalgic local or a curious tourist, here is our comprehensive list of the must-have classic Hong Kong snacks, drinks, and treats.

    Treats for Eating

    Pineapple Buns (Bo Lo Bao)

    The Pineapple bun is a classic Hong Kong staple. It is so widely available, that you can find it from most supermarket chains down to small, locally owned bakeries. That being said, as anyone will tell you, your local small bakery will make the freshest, sweetest, and most satisfying buns. So we won’t bother telling you where to go as if you walk down the street from where you are, you’re sure to find one.

    Pineapple Buns Hong Kong

    Curry Fish Balls (Yu Dan)

    It wouldn’t be a quintessentially Hong Kong Foodie List if street food didn’t make it. With such a variety of choices from Siu Mai, Egg Waffle, Cheung Fan and beyond; Curry FIshballs have to be one of the most famous varieties of Hong Kong Street Food. Hop down to Mong Kok for an authentic Hong Kong Street Food Experience, or even pop to your local 7/11 for something more convenient and you’ll be sure to have a warm, spicy treat.

    Chinese Sausage Rice (Lap Cheung Fan)

    Sometimes called Chinese Salami, Lap Cheung is a dried and preserved fatty pork sausage that when cooked in rice, rehydrates and melts. This produces incredibly succulent sausages and fragrant rice that taste splendid. Many local restaurants have this dish on the menu, but anyone with a rice cooker can easily replicate it at home. Try spicing it up buy using a clay pot for crispy rice at the bottom.

    Red Bean Ice (Hong Dao Bing)

    Nothing is more synonymous with Hong Kong than Red Bean. An acquired taste to be sure, and one that foreigners either adore or despise, Red Bean Ice is a quintessentially Hong Kong treat. Sometimes just served over ice, or sometimes with a healthy scoop of ice cream, any self-respecting Hong Konger has tried some Red Bean Ice variant in their life at some point.

    Egg Waffle (Gai Daan Jai)

    Is there anything better? Alongside the global phenomenon of Bubble Tea, Egg Waffles have quickly sprung to the mainstream outside of HK. These are crispy and fluffy waffles in the shape of small eggs. They have a unique texture and are often enjoyed plain or with toppings like butter, chocolate, or ice cream.

    Egg Waffle Hong Kong

    Treats for Drinking

    Bubble Tea

    Try to find someone in Hong Kong who doesn’t have an opinion on bubble tea. Love it or hate it, Bubble tea culture in Hong Kong is undeniably huge. There are a plethora of stores to choose from, each with its own flavors and gimmicks. Therefore, you’re sure to find something to your taste in one of them.

    Where to get the best bubble tea in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong Black and White Tea

    Unlike Bubble tea, whose origins can be traced to Taiwan, Black and White tea is a brand that is instantly recognisable among people who spent their childhoods in Hong Kong. The classic Bicolour Red and white bottles are still available from HKTVmall if you’re looking for a blast from the past.

    Black & White - Classic Milk Tea Beverage 260ml

    Hot Coke

    This is one that sparks controversy. People outside of Hong Kong often laugh and ridicule this, but when I tell you that this is THE best cure for a sore throat or a cold winter’s day, I am not kidding. If you haven’t tried this, you absolutely must. Just be sure to use normal Coke and not Coke Zero as the flavour isn’t quite the same.


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