The morning rush

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Yes, poppet.

Did you know it’s almost impossible to dance without bending your legs?

I didn’t know that, no.

I’ve tried and it’s really difficult. Shall I show you?

Not right now, sweetie, and do hurry up. We’re going to be late for summer camp.

OK, but Mummy?


Do birds have surnames?

I don’t think so. But try to talk less while you’re brushing your teeth.



This morning in bed my teeth got stuck to my tongue.


But it’s OK now.


I can still talk.


And sing probably……. La-la-la.

Oh, get a move on! It’s OK to sing, but sing AND get ready.



Can you clap with your feet?

Oh, come ON!


Yes, poppet.

Why are you being so grumpy?

I don’t mean to be grumpy but I am getting a bit frustrated because I need you to get ready for camp so that I can go to work and I have a really important meeting this morning and all this chatting is slowing you down and we’re going to miss the bus, and if we miss the bus we’ll have to walk, and if we have to walk you’ll want to talk, and when you talk you walk really slowly so we’ll be late for camp, and if we’re late for camp then I’ll be late for my meeting.

That was a really long sentence.


Miss Jones says it’s better only to use one connective in a sentence so that our sentences don’t get too long.

OK. Sorry.

That’s OK, but Mummy?


That means you’re working today?


And you’ll be having some big important meeting while I am learning about the gigantasaur?


And you’ll be going straight to your meeting as soon as you drop me off at camp?


Then, why are you still in your pyjamas?

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