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Charlie wears pale blue t-shirt with detail, $830, and denim Bermuda shorts, $1,330, both from Bonpoint. Kennedy wears floral classic dress with smocking detail, $400, Little Mercerie. Crochet bag, $830, Bonpoint. Riley wears crochet dress, $2,220, Bonpoint; with pale pink cotton cardigan, $430, Juliet & the Band.


Kennedy wears mauve skirt with lace detail, $290, and t-shirt with silver trim, $200, both from Juliet & the Band. Riley wears cotton scarf, $430, Bonpoint; white shorts with gold detail, $270, Juliet & the Band; and white short-sleeve top with lace, $300, Little Mercerie.


Chase wears pale blue cotton polo, $1,175, and white Bermuda shorts, $1,045, both from Bonpoint.


Chase wears Imps & Elfs t-shirt with detail, $360, Atelier de Paris; and white Bermuda shorts, $1,045, Bonpoint.

Kennedy wears smock top, $300, Juliet & the Band; with blue shorts, $1,175, Bonpoint. Charlie wears blue and white stripe button shirt, $300, and white shorts, $300, both from Juliet & the Band.


Kennedy wears blue cotton shorts, $1,175, with Liberty print blouse, $1,230, both from Bonpoint


Chase wears blue and white stripe cotton shirt, $300, Juliet & the Band; with Imps & Elfs skinny jeans, $690, Atelier de Paris. Riley wears floral all-in-one, $320, Little Mercerie. Straw hat with grey and white star detail, $290, Atelier de Paris.

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