Cord Blood Banking: The Best Welcome Gift for your Newborn Baby

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Our health is something we cannot control. But, even though we cannot predict what will happen with our health in the future, we are able to arm ourselves with insurance by making a wise decision now. More than three million families have chosen to store their baby’s cord blood worldwide for a lifelong health protection.


Cord blood banking is the process of collecting the blood left in the umbilical cord and placenta after childbirth and storing it for future potential medical use. But what is cord blood used for? Cord blood contains rich Hematopoietic Stem Cells (HSCs) and is able to differentiate into blood and immune system cells. Currently, up to 113 diseases can be treated by cord blood including leukemia and lymphoma.

Cord blood is collected immediately after the birth of the baby and is therefore unpolluted by radiation, viruses and medicines of everyday life. The high regenerative power of cord blood stem cells can recover and replenish unhealthy stem cells without risk of rejection after transplant. In addition, family members have a 25 per cent chance of being able to use the stem cells which, as with the umbilical cord, can minimise GvHD after transplants. GvHD (Graft versus host disease) is a condition that can occur after an allogeneic transplant whereby the donated stem cells view the recipient’s body as foreign, and the donated cells attack the body.


If you are giving birth in a private hospital in Hong Kong, consider the benefits of storing your baby’s cord blood. Banking cord blood is easy and absolutely safe. The procedure takes place after the birth and once the umbilical cord has been clamped and cut. It only takes three minutes to collect this lifelong guard for your baby.

HealthBaby is the largest, most accredited cord blood bank in Hong Kong and has been the facility most trusted by parents for eight consecutive years. HealthBaby has state-of-the-art facilities and the best storage medium, liquid nitrogen, to ensure lifelong storage of its customers’ stem cells. This exclusive technology gives your family a 10 per cent higher transplant success rate than with traditional tanks.

Collecting a baby’s cord blood and umbilical cord is a once in a lifetime chance, please cherish this precious opportunity.


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