Christmas Gifts for Mum

    Christmas is almost around the corner. If you haven’t already sorted out all your Christmas gifts, we’ve got you covered with some gift inspiration for mum.

    Louise Hill

    For a unique and Hong Kong themed Christmas gift, head on over to Louise Hill’s website. She uses graphic design, illustration and photography to create wonderful unique prints. All her products use her own imagery and are a combination of buildings, objects, textiles, ribbons and vintage props.

    Louise Hill's Design - Christmas Gifts for Mum
    Image from Louise Hill

    Tiffany Blue Jewellery

    You can never have enough jewellery boxes and this Tiffany Blue box from red velvet designs is a showstopper. The colour is vibrant and the box is compact and perfect for all of mums intricate valuables. Priced at $450.

    Tiffany Blue Jewellery - Christmas Gifts for Mum
    Image from Red Velvert Designs website

    Clic Clac H Hermes Bracelet

    This beautiful classic H bracelet from Hermes, is a sure to be a hit with mum. Available in variety of colours and sizes to suit all tastes. A truly classic Christmas gift. Prices start from $5400.

    Clic Clac H Hermes Bracelet - Christmas Gifts for Mum
    Image from Hermes Website – Marron Glacé

    Oracle Deck

    Help mum find her inner peace with this beautifully designed Work Your Light oracle deck and accompanying guidebook. The 44-card deck by Rebecca Campbell is filled with ethereal artwork and each card is designed to help you reconnect with your soul so that you can receive clarity, activations and transmissions freely. Priced from $280.

    Oracle Deck - Christmas Gifts for Mum
    Image from Omsa World Website

    Good Days Active Wear

    New eco-sportswear brand Good Days opened its doors to Hong Kong earlier this year. All their active wear is made using recycled polyester and nylon that comes from post-consumer plastic waste. Good Days is all about contributing toward a circular economy whilst helping everyone feel good about themselves, both physically and mentally.

    Good Days Active Wear - Christmas Gifts for Mum
    Image from Good Days Website

    Rituals 3D advent Calender

    With 24 luxury surprises to open and one amazing keepsake, this 3D advent calendar from Rituals is one not to miss. Help mum unlock the winter festive village this Christmas and discover an array of wonderful surprises with Rituals. Gifts include beloved items form the Rituals range, from bath oils to their signature fragrance sticks. The calendar also features candles to light up each week. Priced at $885.00.

    Rituals 3D advent Calender
    Image from Rituals Website

    Sushi Maker

    Help mum become a sushi master with the Sooshi – Sushi Maker. Made completely from clean, smooth wood the Sooshi contains a mold for the sticky rice and filling of your choosing and prod to ensure the rice is evenly packed in and pushed out. Priced at $334.00

    Sushi Maker
    Image from Prezzy Box Website

    Le Labo City Fragrance – Bigarade 18

    Le Labo City Exclusives are sold only in the city they were made for. Bigarade 18 is the newest addition to this highly select family. The fragrance is a tribute to founder Eddie Roschi’s memories of Hong Kong, where he lived as a child. Bigarade 18 has hints of fragrant lily and citrus trees. It’s a light, bright and breezy unisex scent with long lasting notes of bergamot, neroli, musk and wood. A perfect Christmas gift for mum. Priced from $2570 for 50ml.

    Le Labo City Fragrance
    Image from Le Labo

    Chanel Scarf

    This beautiful silk twill black, white and blue scarf from Chanel will make mum swoon with delight this Christmas. Perfect for layering up during the colder days and adding a splash of colour. Priced from $3330.

    Chanel Scarf - Christmas Gifts for Mum
    Image from Chanel Website

    Ayasa at the Rosewood Hotel

    If rest and relaxation is what mum is in need off, then look no further than the Ayasa Spa at the Rosewood Hotel. The Ode to Rest Massage, is targeted on the upper body, (back, neck shoulders and arms). Using a combination of rich texture cream with notes of citrus fruit, which helps to relax muscles and improve energy. 60 minutes priced at $1560.

    Ayasa at the Rosewood Hotel

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