What Does Early Childhood Education at American International School Look Like?

Reading Time: < 1 minuteThe Early Childhood education phase is critical in a child’s life, setting the foundations for a successful school life. The American International School understands this, blending fun play time with the use of technology and personalised attention from teachers. Here’s what Early Childhood Education looks like at American International School.

Play-Based Learning

Students in AIS’s Early Childhood programme follow a play-based curriculum taught by a multilingual staff, with primary instruction in English. Students learn Mandarin, music, art and physical education from specialist teachers.

Students also participate in Second Step, a fully-developed student wellness programme that helps students grow socially and emotionally. They get healthy snacks twice a day and have opportunities to interact with older AIS students for learning and community activities.

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Fun and Innovative Use of Technology

Students in Early Childhood phase are introduced to technology through iPads in the classroom, and parents and students are supported through the Seesaw learning platform, through which students build a digital portfolio of their learning journey.

Fostering Literacy Through Teacher-Child Partnerships

AIS offers personalised workshop-style literacy programmes to improve students’ literacy skills. Students’s reading and writing skills are nurtured so that they can progress towards rigorous grade-level curriculum targets based on individual readiness. There are small guided reading/ writing groups and one-to-one conferences between teachers and students which allow the school to understand their skill levels and help them progress and gain confidence!

After students complete their Early Childhood journey at American International School, they’re eligible to move into Elementary School at AIS with no additional entrance exam.

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American International School has opened their Early Childhood applications! For more information, contact their Admissions Office or visit their website.

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