How Well Do You Know Hong Kong?

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How well do you really know Hong Kong? Whether you’ve called Hong Kong home for a month, a year or a lifetime, try this quiz to find out if your local knowledge passes the test! The answers and a scoring key are below. Are you a Sifu, Student or Novice?

If you’re a savvy MTR taker, tram spotter and minibus rider you’ll do well on this quiz. Perhaps you’ve climbed the Peak, camped on Lantau, sailed to Lamma, traveled to Lo Wu, shopped in Sham Shui Po and braved the crowds in Causeway Bay. And you can certainly find your way around a yum cha menu. Go ahead, test your knowledge.

Hong kong geography, how well hong kong
  1. What body of water surrounds Hong Kong?
  • South China Sea
  • Indian Ocean
  • Bay of Bengal

2. What’s the tallest peak in the whole of Hong Kong?

  • Victoria Peak
  • Tai Mo Shan
  • Lin Fa Shan

3. Hong Kong is comprised of the Kowloon peninsula and over 261 islands! Which island is the biggest?

  • Lantau
  • Cheung Chau
  • Hong Kong

4. The major river that’s closest to Hong Kong is called the:

  • Yellow
  • Mekong
  • Pearl

5. Our beloved city is known as an urban jungle, but what percentage of Hong Kong’s land isn’t developed and purely consists of greenery?

  • 50%
  • 60%
  • 70%

6. Hong Kong is divided into a number of administrative districts. How many are there in total?

  • 18
  • 21
  • 25

7. The first known inhabitants in Hong Kong can be traced all the way back to the:

  • Iron Age @ 1,200 BC
  • Bronze Age @ 3,000 BC
  • Stone Age @ 10,000 BC

8. The official languages in Hong Kong are Cantonese and English. But which dialect was spoken by our very early settlers?

  • Hakka
  • Teochow
  • Tanka
  • All of the above

9. During World War II, Hong Kong was occupied (from 1941-1945) by the military forces from which country?

  • North Korea
  • Japan
  • Germany

10. The Handover, when Hong Kong returned to the Chinese from the British, occurred in what year?

  • 1984
  • 1997
  • 2008

11. Renowned Hong Kong film director Wong Kar-wai is known for his use of vivid color saturation, atmospheric environments and manipulation of time to examine themes of love and loss. Which one of his films most accurately embodies the theme of unattainable love? (Hint: it received a Palme d’Or nomination at the Cannes Film Festival.)

  • Days of Being Wild
  • Chungking Express
  • In the Mood for Love

12. Some of Hong Kong’s cultural traditions are embodied by the work of the city’s master artisans, who still carry out traditional craftsmanship in their personal practices. Which of these handmade crafts are at risk of disappearing in Hong Kong?

  • Hand-carved mahjong tiles
  • Hand painted porcelain
  • Handmade neon signs
  • All of the above

hong kong quiz wildlife

13. Amazing but true: Hong Kong is home to 57 species of mammals! There are 27 different types of this particular mammal. Which one is it?

  • Bat
  • Squirrel
  • Shrew

14. The most common raptor or bird of prey in Hong Kong is called the:

  • Spotted Eagle
  • Black Kite
  • Collared Scops Owl

15. Which one of these local animals is NOT poisonous?

  • Bamboo Snake
  • Giant Centipede
  • Biting Midges
  • Blue-ringed Octopus

16. We all know about the big, domesticated water buffalos on Lantau, but what’s the largest wild animal in Hong Kong?

  • Eurasian Wild Pig
  • Barking Deer
  • Civet Cat

17. Hong Kong’s flag and emblem feature a native flower that blooms from early November to the end of March. First originated in the city in 1880, which of these is the flower’s common name?

  • Grantham’s Camellia
  • Hong Kong orchid tree
  • Red azalea

18. A number of rare and vulnerable species call Hong Kong its home. Which of these endangered species cannot be found in this city? Hint: This species is found only in Yunnan, not Hong Kong.

  • Black-faced spoonbill
  • Chinese pangolin
  • Black snub-nosed monkey

hong kong quiz transportation

  • Red                 Lantau
  • Green              HK & Kowloon
  • Blue                New Territories

23. Hong Kong is famously home to the world’s longest outdoor covered escalator system, which stretches from Central to Mid-Levels. How long is it?

  • 650m
  • 800m
  • 1080m

24. What was Hong Kong’s first officially established mode of public transport, introduced in 1888?

  • Peak Tram
  • Red taxis
  • Star Ferry

hong kong quiz food

25. Dim Sum, or yum cha as we call it, is tea served with small dishes that can be both sweet and savoury. The cuisine originated with:

  • The Basque in France
  • The Bengalis in India
  • The Cantonese in China

26. Hong Kong loves to snack! Which one of these tasty treats was NOT popularised in our city?

  • Milk Tea
  • Mustard Pretzels
  • Fish Balls
  • Pineapple Buns

27. Can you match the festival with the lucky food that’s usually eaten when we celebrate?

  • Dragon Boat                           Mooncakes
  • Chinese New Year                  Jiaozhi (dumplings)
  • Mid-Autumn (Lantern)           Zongzhi (sticky rice bundles)

28. Many consider the Luk Yu Tea House in Central to be Hong Kong’s oldest restaurant. Can you guess what year it opened?

  • 1910
  • 1933
  • 1957

29. Hong Kong cha chaan tengs are known for some interesting drinks that feature wacky flavour pairings. Which one of these combinations is not a cha chaan teng drink?

  • Coffee and red bean
  • Cream soda and milk
  • Coke and chocolate ice cream

30. Australia Dairy Company is an iconic Hong Kong institution that serves up some of the best steamed milk pudding and scrambled eggs in the city. Why is “Australia” in its name?

  • Its dairy is imported from Australia
  • Its owner is from Australia
  • Its owner previously worked on an Australian farm

hong kong quiz sport

31. During the Beijing Olympics of 2008, which event was held in Hong Kong?

  • Fencing
  • Marathon
  • Equestrian

32. Hong Kong boasts many outstanding individual athletes in a variety of sports – badminton, cycling, golf, squash, swimming, table tennis, triathlon. But which Hong Kong team is currently ranked 18th in the world?

  • Men’s Cricket
  • Women’s Rugby
  • Men’s Football

33. Hong Kong’s first Gold medal was won by Lee Lai-Shan at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Which sport did she compete in?

  • Windsurfing
  • Cycling
  • Badminton

34. International film stars Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh and Donnie Yen all became famous by doing what in the movies?

  • Snooker
  • Martial Arts
  • Wrestling

35. The Hong Kong Rugby Sevens are known as the city’s biggest sporting event. When is it usually held?

  • Mid to late January
  • Late March or early April
  • Early to mid June

36. During the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (which was actually held in 2021 due to the pandemic), Hong Kong gave its best performance in a single Olympics, winning one gold medal, two silver medals and three bronze medals. Which sports did the winning athletes compete in?

  • Fencing, swimming, badminton, karate and cycling
  • Fencing, swimming, badminton, sailing and cycling
  • Fencing, swimming, table tennis, karate and cycling


  1. South China Sea
  2. Tai Mo Shan, also known as Big Hat Mountain, 957 meters
  3. Lantau
  4. Pearl
  5. 70%
  6. 18
  7. Stone Age @10,000 BC
  8. All of the above
  9. Japan
  10. 1997
  11. In the Mood For Love
  12. All of the above
  13. Bat
  14. Black Kite
  15. Biting Midges
  16. Eurasian Wild Pig
  17. Hong Kong orchid tree
  18. Black snub-nosed monkey
  19. 13
  20. Two (Kowloon and Tsing Yi)
  21. Helicopter
  22. Red – HK & Kowloon, Green – New Territories, Blue – Lantau
  23. 800m
  24. Peak tram
  25. The Cantonese in China
  26. Mustard pretzels
  27. Dragon Boat – Zongzhi, Chinese New Year – Jiaozhi, Mid-Autumn – Mooncakes
  28. 1933
  29. Coffee and red bean
  30. Its owner previously worked on an Australian farm
  31. Equestrian
  32. Women’s Rugby
  33. Windsurfing
  34. Martial Arts (Wushu)
  35. Late March or early April
  36. Fencing, swimming, table tennis, karate and cycling


27-36 points – Sifu! You are a master of Hong Kong knowledge. Use your skills wisely to teach others of the wonders of our home.

17-26 points – Student. Well done, grasshopper, but you have much to learn. We applaud your eagerness and wish the best in your studies.

16 or less – Novice. Hong Kong has much to teach you. So, go out, enjoy and explore. And remember: a journey of a thousand miles begins with one small dumpling!

Quiz by By Jennifer S. Deayton, Playtimes Magazine

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