Inspiring Girls Hong Kong Steps Up to Align with New Government Initiative

    Inspiring Girls is a charity organisation dedicated to raising and broadening life ambitions for girls by connecting them with female role models from a variety of backgrounds. Last year we shared the exciting news that this incredible charity launched in Hong Kong. Since then a government initiative has been set to help prepare Hong Kong’s youth for their future and Inspiring Girls is stepping up to align with the new government initiative.

    Inspiring Girls Hong Kong is set to empower girls even more now. The charity has announced plans to support Hong Kong schools implement a new programme known as Life Planning Education (LPE). This is a government initiative designed to help build brighter futures for Hong Kong’s young people.

    The government has concluded secondary schools should help students better understand their aspirations, needs, interests and abilities and plan for their future careers. According to a report published by the Hong Kong Education Bureau (EDB), the Task Force on Review of School Curriculum has recommended that LPE should start early at junior secondary level. The programme aims to help students not only gain a better understand of career and job choices, but also includes learning about workplace dynamics. Soft skill development like ethics and a positive, flexible attitude towards work will also be included.

    In response to the government assessment, Inspiring Girls has enhanced its career program to support Hong Kong’s schools, teachers, and girls plan for the future.

    Inspiring Girls Country Chair, Ines Gafsi said, “Schools, parents, and girls are under enormous pressure at present. Now the government has outlined its plans to ‘step up’ careers curricula in schools, we are here to help. From traditional careers in Finance and Law to careers in STEM, sustainability, culture, and the arts, we have a wealth of resources to support girls and their schools.”

    “Through the program, girls can learn about the difficulties female professionals can face and how to overcome them.” – A teacher from Chinese Foundation secondary school on why her school selected the Inspiring Girls program to support delivery of the LPE curriculum.

    Inspiring Girls offers a series of online modules. Inspiring Girls’ programs are available in Cantonese and English, online and in person. For more information or to become a role model, check out the Inspiring Girls Hong Kong website or check out a brief intro video.

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