Our Picks of the Top Healthy Meal Delivery Services in Hong Kong

Reading Time: 3 minutesIn Hong Kong, many of us are mostly at work, thinking about work or on our way to work, in whatever form this takes. With kids, this is not any easier – you want to prepare healthy, wholesome meals for them, but amid the hustle and bustle of daily life, it’s often easier to just give them lunch money and send them on their way. Fortunately, you can now get healthy meals delivered straight to your home, so you can enjoy the precious little time you have with your family. Even better, they allow you to choose your diet plan which can range from vegetarian, vegan, paleo, carb-free, high protein and more, taking the guesswork out! Here’s our picks of the best healthy meal delivery services in Hong Kong.


Youni allows you to pick meal plans depending on your health goals – getting lean, finding a healthy balance or building muscle – perfect for the athletes in your family! Youni’s menu changes weekly, allowing you to experiment with a variety of healthy foods. Youni provides delivery from 7am to 11am and you can pick up the meals between 8.30am to 9pm at either their Wan Chai, Central, Mong Kok, Tsim Sha Tsui or Whampoa branches, which will save you $125 per week! Visit their website for more info and to order. 


I chose the “Healthy Balance” option for 4 weeks (20 days) with 2 meals a day for $4,000. 

Paleo Taste

As the name suggests, this Hong Kong meal delivery service is for those on a paleo diet. Paleo Taste’s meal plans offer gluten- and dairy-free meals that are put together by certified nutritionists. You can choose between meal plans for two to five days or 21 days with an option to just order breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner, or a full day’s meal plan. You can also order meals separately. They provide daily delivery from Monday to Friday. Visit their website for more info and to order. 

paleo taste meal delivery hong kong


I chose their 1,200 calorie meal plan for 21 days with 3 meals a day for $4,200. At the time of publication, they had a sale happening (Normal price for this plan: $5,850). 

Easy Food

Looking for low-carb, keto, paleo, vegetarian or balanced meals? Easy Food has you covered with their meal plans that are made from premium and sustainably sourced produce. They offer plans for as little as two days (around $500) or 30 days, including the weekends ($6,700) depending on your needs. Their menus are always varied, with Mediterranean and Asian dishes, so you’ll never get bored! They deliver every day from Monday to Friday. Visit their website for more info and to order. 

easy food meal delivery hong kong


I chose the Balance Diet category, with all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) for 20 days, which costs $4,576. 


Eatology provides meals designed by registered dieticians and nutritionists which are customised to your needs. They offer a range of plans, including keto, gluten-free, low-carb, vegetarian or vegan. Eatology is unique in that you can fill out a survey with your personal details and your activity level to generate a meal plan based on your needs. You can choose plans for one to three weeks for five or six days a week. Visit their website for more info and to order. 


I chose the “Healthy Living” category on the survey with occasional meat for three weeks which cost $6,120.  

Food Folk

Food Folk is intended to bring healthy meals to Hong Kong’s busy professionals. They offer meal plans with plenty of sustainable proteins, healthy fats and whole grains. You can choose from a five-day or seven-day plan of either two or three meals a day. You can also order for the whole family! Meals are delivered three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, except for the five-day single lunch and dinner plan that’s delivered twice a week. Visit their website for more info and to order. 

food folk meal delivery hong kong


I chose the lunch and dinner five-day plan which costs $800. 


Nosh provides fresh, healthy meal plans that are made with premium and sustainable ingredients and are put together for weight loss, building muscle or to have a more balanced diet. The menu changes weekly and their menus offer breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks starting from $136 a day. They also use biodegradable packaging! Visit their website for more info and to order. 

nosh meal delivery hong kong


I chose the NOSH menu under the Balanced category for 20 days, which came out to $5,093.

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